■ Here are the Best 5 Ways to Make Windows 11 Faster and Improve Performance

In this article, I will show you some settings and some functions of Windows 11 to increase your system performance 

Best 5 Ways to Make Windows 11 Faster and Improve Performance

■ Here are some settings you must turn off in windows 11 to increase your system performance


➤ Once you open your Laptop suddenly all Notification showing and this Notification will not be useful and such Notification repeat again and again and you will be irritated by these Notifications you want to stop this Notification here are the solution you will go to settings in Settings you will see the system in  System option you will see Notification option and you will get the Setting of turn ON and turn OFF the  Notification settings in which you have to choose which Notification should I turn on and turn off click.


➤ Especially this feature is  important for gamers who Playing  games on their laptop or  if you playing games on the system its  settings will always turn ON the game mode by doing this Setting  some apps are killing  in the background which helps to play a game without lags To turn on These setting you must go  to Setting you will see the option of gaming in gaming you will see the option of game mode click on that option then turn ON the settings but if you not playing any games in the system in this type you must turn  OFF the settings which are the better option 


➤ This setting is very important and very useful for every windows user must know these settings in this feature they monitor our system storage and unwanted file or do not use files this feature may delete unwanted files automatically because these files may affect our system performance and this may be automatically slow our system performance. These features will delete all these files automatically here is the solution to delete these files  you will go to setting and click on the system settings  in system settings you will see the storage option click on storage and you will see below storage sense option  simply turn ON the option


➤ The visual effects have some control and have some settings and some function turn off will increase your system performance simply in the visual system can select the best performances here are the solution. In search you will type advanced  you will see view advanced system setting click ON the setting you will see options just for best performance 

➤Selection two option 

  1. show thumbnails instead of icons
  2. smooths edges of screen fronts 

➤Simply click on apply then click on ok

➤In this setting giving the best visual performance of the system and the visual effects  will reduce the performance of the system is improved 


➤ You also know when you open your system some pre-installed applications and  installed apps will run and open  in the background this will automatically run in the background due to this your system will work slow and start slowly to stop this app in the background here are the solution  you must press

➤ Control+shift+esc button after that task manager is opening you will see the startup option like my self opera browser is not useful right-click on opera browser this may disable this disable improve your system performance and your system is opening fast in starting 


➤ In this article, I have written the how-to to increase windows 11 system performance with details and reasons hope you understand this article will help you to increase your windows 11 system performance for more details about tech-related topics visit our websites once.


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