■ Autocad vs. Revit

➤ AutoCAD was one of the first computer-aided programs to be implemented on Personal Computers. Architects and engineers currently widely use it for many applications, from creating and repairing geometric shapes in design to making blueprints, bridges, computer chips, etc. Arrangements can be created and modified both on the web and on mobile. On the other hand, Revit is the only application used to create geometric shapes with actual data. In other words, it is a 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool that specializes in Architectural Design, Architectural Engineering, and Architectural Features.

■ Autocad

➤ AutoCAD was one of the first computer-aided programs to be implemented on Personal Computers.


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➤ Computer-aided design (CAD) tools from Autocad 2D and 3D Design were created, released, and marketed in December 1982. AutoCAD offers many features. Here are some of them:

  • DWG Comparison – One can compare and contrast two definitive versions.
  • Web and Mobile Support – Graphics can be viewed and edited on the web and mobile.
  • 2D Graphic – 2x faster zoom, change layout and layer properties.
  • Shared Ideas – Design ideas can be shared across web browsers.
  • Import PDF – Import geometric shapes, SHX font files, and bitmaps from PDF to your pictures.
  • Workspaces – Save and restore workspaces with custom menus and toolbars.
  • Rendering – The power and materials that can be used to create a 3D model.
  • DGN Files – Import, export, and attach DGN files for data reuse.

■ Revit

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➤ BIM, based on Revit, is a new CAD model that allows intelligent, 3D, and object-based design. The current version of Revit is supported only by Windows but cannot be used on other operating systems such as Mac OS. Revit is easy; some of the features are as follows-

■ Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Models can be built with real-world information and cannot be taken apart.

  • Parametric Components: an open graphical system for designing and building models
  • Share Tasks: Partners can share and protect their work.
  • Tables: The size can be derived from the properties of the table view elements.
  • Interaction: Importing, exporting, and associating data with commonly used formats.
  • Description: WYSIWYG editing allows you to control the text format.
  • Architectural Design: Incorporating elements into building models, including walls, doors, windows, and parts.
  • Cloud Vision: Create realistic ideas in the cloud.

■ Critical Differences Between AutoCAD vs Revit

➤ Both are popular choices in the market; Let us discuss some of the significant differences:

  • AutoCAD works like a drawing sheet where you can create a 2D design that represents the main elements of your project, while Revit focuses entirely on the project look and essential item wardrobe. It is used to create 3D parts with accurate data.
  • AutoCAD focuses on individual parts of the project, whereas Revit deals with the entire project, giving the architect the advantage of not splitting the design.
  • It is easier to make customer-suggested reviews and last-minute changes in Revit than in AutoCAD, where the settings are closer to the guide and therefore take longer.
  • AutoCAD is more flexible than Revit because it supports superficial, reticle, and rigid AutoCAD commands. In contrast, it is more stringent for the latter because things need to be made correctly. After all, we need not only 3D but there is also a need to build a model. It brings active coordination and much more.
  • AutoCAD follows linear coordination, with constant back and forth between all relevant groups. On the other hand, Rivet has the advantage that all models can be linked to a central structure model to track real-time collisions between them.
  • AutoCAD is supported by both Windows and Mac, whereas Revit can only be run on Windows.
  • The AutoCAD web application is available for creating, editing, and sharing CAD designs in browsers and mobile devices, while Revit is available in Windows as a post-install program.
  • Autocad vs. Revit FC Union Berlin Revit requires membership from Autodesk, and it depends on the needs; One can choose either a monthly or an annual plan. The Revit subscription rate is higher than the Autocad subscription rate for the same period.



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