➤ At the Most basic level, BNPL Apps allow you to buy anything without making the Full payment for it. Allows you to purchase anything without making the Full payment for it


➤ For example, if you purchase any phone or product through pay later apps then you should have 15 to 30 days time to pay the amount back with no extra cost. But if you don’t pay the amount between 15 to  30 days you have to pay extra charges and it will also negatively affect your credit score   

➤ Buy now pay later apps just like a credit card but pay later apps are easy installation compared to credit cards and pay later apps are easy to use without any hidden charges and these apps give you offers and discounts on every shopping etc.

■ Here are the Best Top 6 buy now pay later apps in India 

  1. Lazypay
  2. Simpl 
  3. Paytm postpaid
  4. Postpe 
  5. Mobikwik zip wallet
  6. OlaMoney postpaid 

■ Here are the 4 parameters we will compare below in this article

1. Credit limit

2. Billing cycle

3. Charges and penalties

4. Banking transfer options

1. The first parameter we will compare these 6 apps is their credit limit Let’s see the limit 

  1. Lazypay: Lazypay gives you starting limit of 1500 credit limit 
  2. Simpl: Simpl pay gives you starting limit of 1100 credit limit
  3. Paytm: Paytm postpaid gives you starting limit of 750 credit limit
  4. Postpe: Postpe gives you starting 3000 credit limit 
  5. Mobikwik zip: Mobikwik zip wallet gives you starting limit of 12000  credit limit
  6. OlaMoney  postpaid: OlaMoney postpaid give you starting limit of 500 credit limit

2. The Second parameter is Billings cycles of payments

➤ These 6 apps are different billings cycles dates 

➤ Apps Billing Cycle

1. lazypay 

          15 Days

          1st and 16th of every month

          Grace Period:3Days LazyPay

2. Simpl  

          15 Days

          1st and 16th of every month

          Grace Period:5Days Simpl

3. Paytm postpaid

         Paytm Postpaid 1st of every month

          Grace Period:7Days

          30 Days

4. Postpe 

        Post pe 1st of every month

          Grace Period:5Days

          30 Days

5. Mobikwik zip wallet

        15 Days

          1st and 16th of every month

          Grace Period: 5Days 

6. OlaMoney postpaid

            30 days 

             27th of every month

OlaMoney Postpaid Grace Period:7Days

3. The 3rd parameter which we are comparing in these 6 apps In case you if you Don’t pay your bills on time, what fees and penalties will be applicable?

➤  Before showing you this data, let me tell you the structure Let me explain to you the structure of these charges

Apps                          late fees                 interested and charges

1. lazypay                0-1990                     


                                500-1999 -100

                                25000+500                    1.50%per month

2.Simpl              0-100-10



                              501+——- -100                NO

3. Paytm postpaid   101-250-10



                             5000+     500                            3%Per Month

4. Postpe             101-250-10



                             5000+     500                            3%Per Month

5.MobiKwik          101-500 Rs. 100 2% of the total outstanding

Rs.                         501-1000 Rs. 200

Rs                      . 1001-2500 Rs. 300

Rs.                       2501-5000 Rs. 500

Rs.                       5001-7500 Rs. 750

Rs.                      7501-10000 Rs. 1000

Rs.                    10001-20000 Rs. 1200

>                        20000+        Rs. 1500

6. OlaMoney Postpaid       0-2500…0



                            5000+ 500                                  No Clarity

                                                                              In the range of 1-1.50%

                                                                               per month

4. The fourth or last parameter is banking transfer options

Apps                                    Bank Transfer Options                                  

1.LazyPay                                    YES


                                                  Proc.A fee of 2%

2. Simpl                                         NO

3. Paytm Postpaid                         YES  

                                                     THROUGH PAYTM MERCHANT 

                                                      Hidden charges 

4. Postpe                                        YES


                                                  Proc.A fee of  3%

5. Mobikwik zip wallet                           YES

                                                        Through 3 parties apps

                                                          Proc.A fee of 6%                                                                           

 6. OlaMoney Postpaid                                YES

                                                         Ola Postpaid Proc.Fee of4%       


1. Which app is best for Pay later?

according to my experience, Lazypay gives me good experience and is easy to use

2. Can I recharge through a pay later app?

yes you can easily recharge your phones with pay later apps


we tried our best to make a detailed comparison in this article I have discussed the best 6 buy now pay later apps in India with detailed


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