■ Blogging vs vlogging – Terminology

➤ BLOGGING VS VLOGGING is people documenting their everyday life or day-to-day activities. Vlogging means showing the same thing with video and blogging is about writing.


Blogging vs vlogging : What Is The Difference Between Blogging And Vlogging

➤  The blog is nothing but an informational website. It provides information in chronological order. The latest post appears first. It’s a platform where people like authors, nutritionists, or any kind of writer share their views by writing on an individual topic. It’s like an online journal. Blog writing is called blogging.

➤ The person who writes a blog is called a blogger. There is also a website with the name BLOGGER which is created by Google where anyone can do blogging for free. In blogging people share their views on any topic by writing articles which are called Blogspot. On many websites, blogs are a part of that website. Many of the websites do not include blogs. Every blog is a website but every website is not a blog.

■ Why are so many people engaged with blogging ?? Why is it popular?

➤  It’s a good platform for people to express their feelings, knowledge, and views on a particular topic.

It gives people an opportunity to learn and share or express their opinion on any topic that helps in earning too by advertising on blogs.

Advertising agencies pay bloggers for displaying their advertisements on blogs.


Blogging vs vlogging : What Is The Difference Between Blogging And Vlogging

➤  These are video logs or video blogs shortened to vlogs. It is a form of a blog. It is also a content format in the form of video which is getting very popular nowadays. Video creates more engagement. Social media platforms are perfect examples of video popularity like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

➤  According to research, 500 million people are watching video content on Facebook daily and we all know YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. According to YouTube, more than one billion hours of content are watched daily. Video content was widely produced and shared after YouTube was launched now due to advanced technology and access to the internet.

■ Types

➤ There are two types of  vlog:

➤  Recorded Videos & Live Broadcasting.

1. Recorded videos:-

People record the videos and edit them before publishing. Also, vloggers can add elements like graphics, subtitles, screen recordings, etc, to their videos. This type of format is widely used for teaching, sharing knowledge, or sharing daily lifestyles.

2. Live to broadcast

– Live broadcasting vlogs are more spontaneous as they are not edited before publishing. Instead, they are broadcast at the moment of recording. A huge benefit of such vlogs is the possibility to broadcast events in real-time. Live streaming also supports community interaction through live chat which allows an opportunity to involve the viewers in the moment of broadcasting. yes, This could also be a drawback because there is no room for errors. The content cannot be edited later, like with recorded videos.

■ Why vlogging is popular

➤ vlogging is easy due to good technology

it is very affordable, and anyone can start vlogging with a mobile phone or camera

people are in love with video content more than written content

visuals make more impact on people than written content.

■ Blogging vs Vlogging-

➤ So the main difference is one is about writing and another is about recording.  The thing which is expressed in written form is blogging and expressing in recorded form is called vlogging. Blogging is better because here people don’t need to face the camera but it is a little bit time-consuming. Here people have to overcome the fear of putting themselves right there in the public. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and making videos.

➤ People nowadays prefer watching and reading. So if someone’s content is about, facts, cartoons, logos, statics, quotes, or images, blogging will be the best way for them to go forward. But if the content is based on step-by-step tutorials like cooking, travel, interviews, etc vlogging is the best platform.





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