How to add multiple bank accounts in Phonepe app

Hello friends in this video I will show you how to add multiple bank accounts in Phonepe app let starts

friends you have already added your Main bank account in the Phonepe app as a primary transaction but you want another bank account to add in your Phonepe as a secondary bank in this blog I will show you how to add a secondary bank account



Here is the step to add a secondary bank  account in Phonepe

Step 1:Open the Phonepe app on the left side you will see your profile picture  click on  your profile picture

Below the video, you will also see all the processes in the Hindi language also

Step 2: After clicking on the profile picture you will see the bank accounts section and you will also see the primary bank account is  added slide the primary bank you will see the add bank accounts option click on them

Step 3: After clicking add bank accounts options select the bank  accounts which you want to add on

Step 4:After selecting the bank Phonepe will  automatically verify your bank through OTP

Step 5:After verifying the OTP   your bank will  be added successfully

After adding your second bank account you can check the balance of your second bank account by clicking the check balance option after clicking the check balance option they will ask your pin enter the pin and your balance will show easily


In this blog post, you will see how to add multiple bank accounts in the Phonepe app I also uploaded a youtube video on the blog in the Hindi language hope you like this article







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