Nowadays people are watching  more videos on every  social media platform such as youtube shorts and Instagram reels etc

HOW TO create a youtube channel


if you want to create a youtube channel first decide on your Niche and then start because niches are more  important from  my point of view select the Niche in which   you are interested if you are interested in Technology select the TECH Niche or if you are interested in vlogging select vlog niche but choose the Niche which you interest the most don,t copy other people make your own interesting hobby channel

After selecting the niche post only your niche-related topic video on your youtube channel  and make a unique name for your youtube channel if you selected TECH Niche make a name that includes tech words like ALL TECH STEP or if you select a sports niche include sports words in your channel like a sports tv channel and start posting your videos in your channel

Creating quality content videos on your youtube channel gives people valuable knowledge about your videos and gives true knowledge





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