➤ Instant message is the most popular way to communicate even more conveniently than emails, and phone calls.WhatsApp is such a communication application, used for not only texting but also for sending pictures, videos, and documents even to make phone calls (both audio and video calls). It’s safe, free, and easy to use. It uses the device’s internet connection.

How To Create Whatsapp Business Account Here's A Step-by-step Guide

➤ WhatsApp Business application allows some additional tools and features compared to WhatsApp.WhatsApp business is best for business persons because it has tools related to business such that one can create a profile along with product information compared to a simple profile in WhatsApp.

■ WhatsApp business account: – how it is useful

➤  A Free to download application for  small businesses more convenient than other apps

  • Have a business profile – Having a business style profile directly or indirectly helps to grow the business  because of useful information, business description, website, and address
  • Account information or account type – people will know that he /she is messaging with a business account because WhatsApp will let them know that they are talking to a business account.
  • WhatsApp Business has smart messaging tools – it has some messaging tools such that quick replies which provide fast answers to common or frequently asked questions. That helps to save time

■ Here are the step to follow to create a WhatsApp Business account

➤  According to some research, over 80% of business owner in India and Brazil says that WhatsApp helps them to grow their business by communicating with their customers. Here are the ways how can anyone start to grow their businesses –

1. WhatsApp business is free and available in the Google play store. It is very fast and simple to download and install just have to go into the play store and search WhatsApp business over there .click on the download button and wait for a minute for installation.

2. After installing, open the app, read the terms and services, click the agree to button, and continue. It will need access to the phone number of the person. An OTP will be sent to that phone number. The person has to read that OTP and submit it. This OTP submission process is for the verification of the business phone number. This concludes the process of account opening.

3. Allow the permission WhatsApp business wants such as a microphone, audio, video, or access to other files.

4. after the successful completion of all the above processes, the next step is to set up a profile .people can fulfill all the details along with additional details at the same time or can skip the additional details to fill in later. It’s better to fulfill all the details so that it could help to grow the business and help to connect the customers.

5. Insert the official business

6. name.

7. set a profile picture. It could

8. be the person’s photo or Business logo.

9. Next, select the

10. category of the business

11. Explain the business in the description box.

12. Put the official business Address.

13. Additional details –

A) Enter an email address,

B) Website address.

C) In the catalog, one can

D)show their product list and other services.

➤ If the person wants he/she can edit all the details.

One can convert WhatsApp to WhatsApp business who is using WhatsApp WhatsApp personal by moving all the personal data to WhatsApp business and giving permission to WhatsApp to further proceed. The time of transmission depends upon the size of the files moved.

➤ According to research, 2 billion people use WhatsApp and 68 percent say WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect to the business. Moreover WhatsApp business is a versatile platform for businessmen or companies to automate customer support.









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