■ Instagram reels vs TikTok

➤ Instagram reels vs TikTok are short videos where someone can show their creativity for entertaining purposes. Short videos generally range from 15 seconds to 60 seconds on Instagram and 15 seconds to 3 minutes on TikTok.

■ Instagram reels

➤ Instagram Reels are a feature within Instagram.

Instagram reels vs TikTok: Which Is the Better Platform

■ They are short fun videos with effects music and other creative tools.

➤ Create reels using the story camera or using the reel option and they’ll be posted to the feed.

➤ one can also post that to the Instagram story.

➤ Or someone can save their reels to the user’s device by clicking on the save button.

■ Instagram Reels vs Tips and Tools

➤To begin, tap the camera icon top left corner of the Instagram home feed, and at the bottom select reels, after that one can see the menu of tools on the left.

1. The 1st one is an audio tool. Here the person can choose a song to use for the particular video .he/ she can use the slider button to select the favorite part.

2. The next tool is speed. It is to make the video play faster or slower.

3. Next tool effects. It has colored filter faces similar to those that are present in stories. It has many more options, scroll to find more.

4. Last is a timer, it is to
Record the video hands

➤ Once someone is done with the upload process he or she can view her/ his posted video or reels or the saved drafts by going to the profile and tapping the reels icon in the middle.

■ Tiktok -About, and video creation

➤TikTok is an application.TikTok launched in 2016 and in 2018 the application gained popularity according to research, it became the most downloaded app in the USA.

Instagram reels vs TikTok: Which Is the Better Platform
➤ This allows the creation of 15 seconds to 3 min of fun, creative, entertaining videos that can be shared with the world like dancing, singing, art, lip-syncing, and collaboration.

➤ Download the application from the play store

➤ Create an account by setting a username. You can create an account by using a phone number, Facebook or Google.

➤ Just after logging in someone can start watching the fun or creative videos instantly. There are so many videos. Swipe up to see the next one.

➤ It’s very easy to shoot and upload videos on this platform.

➤ Tap +at the bottom of the screen.
➤ Use the tik tok camera .Start recording the video using the record button.

➤ Edit the videos using effects, music, filters, and other camera tools.

➤ One can upload contents from device storage by editing them on TikTok only.

➤Tap the checkmark and post the video.

■ Reels vs TikTok

➤Both Tik Tok and Instagram reels are very much similar to each other but have some technical differences too.

➤ the reel is a feature of the social
media app Instagram
Whereas TikTok is a social
Media application

➤ TikTok lets to record
Longer than reels.it
offers record clips in
15 second,60 seconds
Or 3-minute intervals.
Where reels offer 15
Second, 30 seconds or
1-minute intervals.

➤TikTok has stitched
Feature . which reels
Don’t modify it. Stitching
Let someone take
Part of someone else’s
Video and use it his/ her
Own video.

➤ Even though Tik Tok is very popular, nowadays people are craving Instagram more than TikTok.Even according to some journals Facebook also asked the TikTok creators to upload videos on reels first and offered to pay for the video. Someone can try both platforms to see which performs better if he/she is not sure which to use.

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