➤  Netflix is an American media entertainment company that provides on-demand media services.

➤ Amazon Prime Video is an annual membership from Amazon. It includes various services and shipping benefits.


➤  Netflix is for entertainment purposes that provide on-demand media streaming services.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

■On-demand media services-

People watch videos on YouTube or any other social media platform which is a platform with an on-demand media streaming feature and if any personal work comes people have to leave that and they can watch that later. for example on TV people can’t do that. if people have to leave that due to work they can’t watch the video from the same place but in on-demand video streaming services, one can watch the thing.

Netflix is a streaming service that offers to watch TV shows And movies at any time and anywhere. By anywhere that means it is supported in TVs, mobile phones, tablets,  computers even gaming consoles. Anyone can watch every episode or every movie on all of these devices that are available on Netflix. It’s not like TV shows which have a specific timing. Anyone can watch any time by hitting the play button.

There are no ads on Netflix while streaming or watching people will never get any advertisement in between. It works on the internet. That is kind of a disappointing thing or a disadvantage to say. For this service, people have to pay for basic monthly programs.

➤  While streaming episodes or movies internet data will also be consumed. Another disappointing thing is that Netflix doesn’t include every movie or show. Yes, there are many movies but there might be a chance that the movie or show expected by someone isn’t available on Netflix. Or there Is a possibility that one country’s shows or movies are blocked in another country on Netflix. One can try the free trial for the first month and can see if Netflix is worth it or not


➤ Amazon Prime Video is an annual membership from Amazon. It includes various services and shipping benefits.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

➤ It’s an annual membership from Amazon that includes shipping Benefits and many other services. It gives free shipping on items which means people who have Amazon prime will get fast shipping facilities all year long without paying extra fees if the items qualify for prime

➤ There is also same-day shipping in certain zip codes. The other benefit is streaming videos. It includes unlimited streaming of movies and the TV shows that they have available. They have exclusive tv shows for prime members.

➤ The next thing is Amazon prime music. Amazon Prime has over a million songs and hundreds of playlists that people can stream for free. That is completely ad-free. Prime members have access to unlimited storage for their photos but definitely the quality of photos matters.

The next thing is the prime pantry. In this people have access to household items like detergents, and coffee pots. Only prime members have access to the prime pantry.

Netflix vs Amazon prime video

Netflix and Amazon prime are two powerhouses of online movie and TV streaming. They both contain and produce a huge number of shows. There are several factors to compare Netflix and Amazon primes like price, TV and movie catalogs, and accessibility. Amazon prime is cheaper than Netflix. Also, it has added benefit which is fast shipping. And people get music also on Amazon Prime.

➤ Amazon prime has 53000 movies and tv shows and which is comparatively more than Netflix, and that’s according to research. But out of 53000, many haven’t received any ratings. Netflix by contrast only has 3432 movies and TV shows but it doesn’t have a single movie or show that is unrated.




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