■ PC vs Laptop

➤PC or desktop computers and laptops generally have the same features and functionality. But when it comes to the question of which one to buy then it depends upon the users. It depends upon whether are they home

PC Vs Laptop: How To Tell Which One Fits You Better

users or professional users is mobility is imp or not, cost and budget, etc. We can differentiate them based on these kinds of points only .wherever  their work process is the same.

■ PC vs laptop:- differences

➤The advantage of having a laptop is its portability. Anyone who has a laptop can take his /her data anywhere he or she goes. If there is wireless internet available he or she can access the internet.

➤ Laptops are lightweight so anyone can move with them to anyone. Along with this advantage, it can be a disadvantage too. As they are compact, their portability in compactness forces all the components of the computer to be close together. So it can be a problem. Also if someone is moving with the laptop he or she could bump or drop it and this could damage the screen of the laptop. It is a common laptop issue.

➤ In case of cost, it can be more expensive than a PC or desktop.

➤ Like laptops, desktops or PCs are not portable. That person who has a laptop can’t take their data along with them. So this is a kind of disadvantage.

➤ Desktop takes up space. Again this is something people can exchange for being that will last them for a bit longer. A typical computer can last as long as five years with as little as one place replacement typically the power supply or the hard drive and those are easily fixed. And they are worth fixing as opposed to the laptop. But a laptop typically lasts about two to five years also it depends upon how people care about that.

➤ PCs can be customized easily and design and hardware are very flexible because they have a lot of different producers of parts people can buy different parts and they are still compatible to work together.

➤ The desktop also gives more freedom if people like video games they can invest in a graphics card or if they want more storage they can invest in good RAM or hard drive.

➤ Another advantage is ergonomics. This is the term that describes their efficiency, comfort, and safety to the user. And with computers, people have monitors and keyboards at usually a good distance to where people are comfortable but with laptops, people crunched up close and they are not conducive to long term. If people use PC for the long term that isn’t detrimental to their health. It is worth it to invest in a desktop.

■ PC vs Laptop – cost range

➤ If people want to buy an equivalent desktop computer with equivalent processing power, the laptop is going to be a lot more expensive than the desktop. It’s also because of their uniqueness. It is not easy to fix if people damage any parts of the laptop. Repairing also requires extra cost. Also, laptops are not customizable in the sense of taking out parts and putting them in once when people want.

 There are various component options for desktop computers. Starting price for desktops is lower than that of laptops and still can have an equivalent powerful system to a high-priced laptop. Laptops also have a pretty wide component option but that is less than desktops. To get a more powerful laptop people have to invest higher.

Again it depends upon the users whether they want a portable computer or a desktop computer or whether they need mobility or not. But on average PC is better compared to laptops.



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