■ Role of Technology 

➤ In every aspect of life, Technology plays a significant part. In this generation technology paly a very important role in our life. For communication, we use phones and internet services to communicate with people, and in daily work we use technology easily 

  • For communication, the internet and email are used. 
  • Office productivity and word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations 
  • For record-keeping, electronic databases are used. 
  • For Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are used.
  • Technology has become an indispensable part of our working lives, pervading every element of business and public life.

How is the role of technology defined in an article?

■ Here are ten ways that technology has gotten ingrained in the workplace:

➤ People throughout the world are exploiting technology and other development limits to live in a very advanced way. Everyone uses technology in a highly user-friendly and effective manner, from business professionals to young infants.

1. In Communication

➤ Email, SMS, and a variety of chat Software applications have become the primary ways of business communication in recent years. In addition, video conferencing is becoming more popular, decreasing the need for actual travel.

2. Office productivity

➤ Word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations, and other office productivity applications have become so prevalent that they have entirely revolutionized office work.

3. Record keeping and retrieval 

➤ Another area where advanced technology is already universal is record keeping. To keep and retrieve their records, most organizations have shifted to electronic databases rather than paper files, and this has become an essential and everyday element of our work environment.

4. Internet and search

➤ The internet and its organizing through search portals such as Google and Bing is another powerful instrument that has grown so ordinary that it is almost unremarkable.

5. Decentralized work and cloud computing

➤ The widespread availability of 

  • laptops, 
  • tablets, and 
  • smartphones 

➤ Are enabled professionals to work from anywhere resulting in flexible work settings such as freelancing, work-on-demand, and work-from-home?

6. Analytics and new decision structures

➤ For many corporate functions, big data analytics has become a critical tool. For example, digital marketing necessitates advanced analytics and computational advertising technologies regularly.

7. Automation, Robotics, and Future factories

➤Many personnel, particularly in the manufacturing industry, currently work with self-driving robots. Many other areas, such as warehouse logistics, office cleaning, and building security, rapidly demonstrate this trend. 

➤Human workers are beginning to acclimate to this new reality as more and more robots operate alongside and in tandem with them.

8. Adoption of Virtual and augmented reality 

➤In some industries, 

  • sales and marketing employing augmented reality (AR) and  
  • Virtual reality (VR) is gaining traction.

9. Conversational systems: Chatbots, assistants

➤ Chatbots and personal assistants are examples of conversational systems that are helpful AI tools. Many businesses have implemented chatbots to provide round-the-clock customer service

➤ Another application of conversational technology is the usage of talking assistants, which are designed to aid workers in their daily tasks and are integrated into their home and work surroundings.

10. Information security 

➤ With the rapid growth of technology, the security of sensitive data has become a major concern for businesses. Protecting customer and business data is a critical task for any business.

➤ A variety of intrusive but necessary security processes, such as physical access control using tokens or biomarkers, communication control, and complex digital access control mechanisms, have become an inextricable part of the workplace in the twenty-first century.


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