■ What are Google Sheets?

➤ Google Sheets is a web-based application that enables users to create, update and edit spreadsheets in real-time and share data online.

What are Google Sheets? How Does It Work? Why Would You Use It?

➤ The spreadsheet-specific functionality in Google’s product includes the ability to add, delete, and sort rows and columns. But unlike other spreadsheet applications, Google Sheets enables more geographically distributed users to collaborate on spreadsheets and communicate via the built-in instant messenger at the same time. Spreadsheets can be downloaded immediately from a user’s computer or mobile device. The app automatically saves each change, and users can view other users’ changes as they are made.

➤ Google Sheets is included in the Google Docs editing tools for free web apps. The collection consists of Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Caps.

■ What are Google Sheets used for?

Google Sheets is commonly used for collaborating on spreadsheets in different geographic areas. Most users can edit a Google Sheets document in real time, tracking changes for each user individually.

The Google Sheets Online Spreadsheet application allows users to create, edit and format online spreadsheets to organize and analyze information. Google Sheets is often compared to Microsoft Excel, as both applications are used for the same purpose. Google Sheets is a Google cloud-based version, primarily of the basic features of Microsoft Excel.

■ How do you use Google Sheets?

Users can create and edit spreadsheets online through the Google Sheets web app and iOS or Android mobile devices. To use Google Sheets, you need a valid email address, and Google Sheets allows users to:

  • Editing and formatting spreadsheets. Spreadsheet items can be added, modified, and formatted through Google Sheets and applied to formulas and functions.
  • Spreadsheet data can be viewed in charts, graphs, and tables in Google Sheets.
  • Sign up. Users can collaborate in real-time by sharing Google Sheets documents and folders.
  • Print and Download Users can open and import Google Sheets files in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and other document formats, including PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

■ Google Sheets Features

Google Sheets has the following key features:

  • Edit and format spreadsheets. It includes the processes and functions of data entry. Data Summary Text Translation Data Import; verifying the accuracy of the information; data security; Clear the text back to remove nonprintable characters; Trim to remove forward, backward, or repeating spaces in the text; Filter data by context such as date, alphabet, or numerical order. Custom conditions and temperature maps use colors to determine the density of data points in a table—basic and modern formulas.
  • Information view. Users can create spreadsheet data for graphs, charts, and other types of charts and place them on web pages.
  • Features based on Machine Learning. Uses machine learning to create description charts, pivot tables, and answer informational questions. It can be updated automatically based on the selected information.
  • Offline editing. Spreadsheets can be edited even offline, and changes will be updated as soon as the Internet connection is restored.
  • Compatibility Paper documents are compatible with various formats, including Excel (XLS), Apache OpenOffice, PDF, text, HTML, and comma-separated values ​​(CSV).
  • Google Product Integration Google Sheets can be integrated with other Google services, such as Images, Taxes, Forms, and Translate. It is also compatible with Microsoft files and shares keyboard shortcuts.
  • Collaboration features Email can be sent while other contributors comment or make changes to a shared spreadsheet, and users can view version history.
  • Security users can manage edit, download, copy or print permissions for specific partners with individual, group, or domain-wide access.

■ conclusion

In This  article, we detail what is google sheet and when we need the google sheets

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