What is VPN ? Explained How Does It Work? Why Would You Use It

➤ The Vpn is known as a Virtual Private Network it established a secure connection to another network, 

What is VPN ? Explained How Does It Work? Why Would You Use It


For example, I will use this bottle to understand it as a tunnel on the right side of my computer, and left there is another computer I will connect this one computer to another computer through tunnel my data will travel through this tunnel so whatever data is going through  a tunnel that is how VPN work

My IPS provider cannot view it. if am using public wifi no one can view the websites I am visiting unless I am going through this tunnel govt cannot view my data would be protected in this tunnel so the second computer can be located anywhere in the world it can be us, japan, India and in any state  of India

➤ Suppose this is the USA, I connected to Netflix  Netflix says it is a USA site Netflix doesn’t know that I am accessing from India Netflix is considering my access from us so my identity will shift from this server to another so my work will be from this server person and Netflix will understand me as us, citizen, so they will provide me all show and movies of us so that’s how VPN works by providing secure connection and on another place yours serve exits

■ Talking about the uses of VPNs?

1. Streaming online content

➤ If I want  to watch NetFlix or watch the latest shows and movies  released in the USA I will have to use VPN the difference between India  and USA is very much as I have seen it but the prices are  the same I will be paying equally for NetFlix India and NetFlix USA so why not I enjoy good shows and movies through VPN so this was NetFlix likewise there is amazon prime or Hulu you can use many streaming services from there

2. Security 

➤ If you using public wifi and you don’t want your data visibility in public wifi many other people are connected and if they do a man-in-the-middle attack they can also view your data packets that are insecure so to protect them you can use VPN. Just as I said your data will be in this tunnel so no other person can see your data and it is not like your websites are of HTTPS, some of the HTTP, wherever you use apps on your mobiles, there is no guarantee that your app is established on HTTPS connection many apps use mixed connection so for that scenario, establishing security through VPN is very important

3. Unblock blocked websites

➤ Some special websites are blocked in India and specific countries so if you want to unblock those websites and you want to  access the content, whether it is for streaming, video, or audio so for that you can use VPN

4. Corporate use of VPN

Companies use private VPNs they do to protect their data for example google has put a VPN network for its high-profile employees so that whatever they access and see, they can trace it this work when some data get leaked, then it helps the corporates to narrow down and finds out the person responsible for it so that he can be fired

5.P2P download

➤If you download p2p and use torrents, using a VPN would be beneficial to you 

6. Downloading speed 

➤ In some cases, download speed can increase it is possible that when you use a VPN your download speed will decrease but in some special cases your download speed is an increase

➤Whenever we download large files the isp providers like airtel Jio Vodafone throttle speed

➤ So this scenario if you are using VPN you will get a good speed


■ Disadvantages of VPN?

➤ Speed When we use VPN as I said I established a connection from one network to another so it will cause your speed is a decrease

■ Vpn is necessary?

➤ If you are viewings various tv shows, NetFlix, or travel a lot if you use public wifi or use the internet a lot so according to me having a VPN is a good option

■ Is VPN 100% safe?

➤ No VPN is not 100% safe if you are working on the internet then there is no guarantee for 100% safety but compared to our normal internet we are having it is safe  to use a VPN


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