■ What is web designing?

➤ A website is the core of online market activities. Through the websites, the online marketers bring visitors to their website and the website turns them into customers.

What is web designing

➤ The better a website is, the more visitors are converted into customers. It is basically a collection of web pages that are grouped together and usually connected together in various ways like hyperlinks, buttons, etc. It creates the first impression of your business. It can bring business from any part of the world and it also reflects someone’s expertise and reputation.

■ Web Designing – Process

➤ It is a combination of two different skill sets.

➤ One of them is Graphic Designing. It’s about using design shapes, images, text, and fonts in a perfect way such that it conveys a message about the business or about the company.

➤ Another is the web. It’s the place where people interact with the web, what user experiences, and how people develop their graphic ideas into making them work in the browsers.

■ What is web designing – fundamentals

➤ A website is a group of web pages that is assigned a domain name.

➤ It is hosted on an internet server. It is also Interlinked with each other through navigation Which contains images, videos, text, buttons, banners, forms & functions.

■ Building process-

➤ It requires graphic design knowledge

➤ All web pages are 1st written in HTML. It is a text file written with HTML code that is interpreted by web browsers.

➤ All the HTML pages or web pages should be uniform across all pages.

➤ A file that is written in a file called CSS is called style which is written in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

➤ Any Actions on a web page, like a mouse click on a button, will be written in a file called js which is written in javascript.

➤ The HTML file includes the links to CSS and js and functions as a master page that displays all information that is written in the HTML file.

➤ Parts-

➤It includes three parts




■ Web designing – benefits –

➤ A web designer is the one who looks at and feels the  creative side of a website

➤ He or she decides the layouts, fonts, colors, images, etc, and  Creates the visual mock-up of the website. Web designers rarely do the development of the website

➤ And a web programmer is the one who brings the website mock-up to life on the internet, that is to develop the website they develop the website and host it onto the server. He or she has web development skills like HTML, and CSS. JavaScript.

➤ It is expertise and reflects his /her reputation.

➤Also, it helps in creating first impressions on a business and helps in marketing.

■ How to become a web designer

➤ 1st process is to learn everything about web designing.

➤ There are many offline and online platforms where anyone can learn and practice. It’s very important to practice more because it needs a lot of skills and dedication.

➤ It’s very easy to get a job when someone has skills and or is certified.

➤ web designers can build their own brand or team and offer their services. Or they can get clients on freelance sites.

■ Web designers and their earnings-

➤ Earning of web designers depend upon their potential and quality. There are many online platforms where web designers can work like freelance sites. Or they can work in agencies and companies. If someone is working in a design agency or a design studio that means he or she is working with a creative team and his /her services are for various clients. It’s generally 2,87,600 per annum. ( average)But it depends on various factors like experience or location. And in freelance sites, it also depends upon clients.



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