■ Windows vs Macbook

➤ Many people buy a laptop or computer for many different reasons of their needs like someone buys for regular work or office work and someone buys for video editing and photo editing and someone buys for learning from internet and jobs like work from home and students buy a laptop for their studies and complete a college project or seminar and for online classes,

➤people buy laptops for their different needs but after using the system it’s working slow and hanging when you open any file or folder it’s opening slow and some file not opening and the reason is a virus has entered into your laptop or computer

■ What are windows?

➤Windows is a very user-friendly and popular operating system developed by Microsoft corporation company in1985

■ What Is Macbook?

➤MacBook is a brand of MNC designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple’s Mac OS operating system since 2006.

■ Here are the uses and performance  of windows and Macbook

Windows vs MacBook And Why MacBook is Better than windows

■ For Students which one is best?

➤Students buy a laptop for their studies and complete a college project or seminar and for online classes And learn from the internet and gaming But if you are a student you buying a laptop for the first time then go with a windows laptop because it’s easy to use and the price is cheap compared to a MacBook laptop that is why I will recommend a windows laptop


➤ And the performance also as user demands for what their needs some people buy a laptop for learn programming, coding, and app development or video editing, etc
In windows In starting when you use your Windows laptop is working very fast and after using windows when you switch to MacBook and after using MacBook when you come back to windows laptop you may feel like windows laptops are slow compared to MacBook

➤ but if you want to do photo editing, video editing, and heavy software and heavy work you must go for MacBook because MacBook is good performance compared to windows. Windows is also good in performance and easy to use but compared to MacBook the performance of windows is low


➤ Many people who want to buy a laptop for gaming in my personal experience for gaming Don.t buy a MacBook laptop for gaming because is not optimized but the performance is good and there will be limited games on MacBook compared to windows. if you going to buy laptops for gaming for windows laptops performance is good and a lot of games are available on Windows laptops compared to MacBook


➤ Many people want their laptop used for long term and run long terms means performance when the laptop is 2 years old the performance would be same as new no hanging no slowly working as my personal experience windows laptop 6 to 1year performance is good but after 1 year is working slow and hanging and application slowly opening and lags

➤ MacBook laptop is working very fast in starting and also and after 1 year also the performance is same but some time performance is less and definitely the for long term MacBook is large value providing compare to a windows laptop when you give a huge price for MacBook that good because it provides long term use and for value for money but if your budget is low go for windows laptop because easy for use and provide good performance also


➤ here in this article, I have written windows vs MacBook uses and performance in detail more related topics visit alltechstep.com once



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