■ Zoom vs. Skype

➤ As more professionals work from home, the need for a reliable video conferencing solution is more critical than ever. You can discuss the need for remote communication and team collaboration between Zoom and Skype. There are a lot of similarities between the two programs, but there are also a lot of variances.

➤ The right solution for you will depend on your specific business needs. Security, delivery, ease of use, variety of features, and customer support are critical considerations. In this review, we compare Skype and Zoom and show where both are clear, and there is still room for improvement.


➤ Zoom is not a general video communication platform, and it is state-of-the-art cloud-based technology with a full suite of advanced conferencing tools

Zoom vs. Skype – Difference and Comparsion

.➤ Zoom comes with breakout sessions, which you can take advantage of to divide your audience (such as customers or employees) into smaller training groups for webinars, special topics, or online classroom discussions.

➤  With Zoom, the manager has complete control of the session. You can mute all microphones, control audience access to presentations, and more. In addition, the device allows the audience to participate in the conversation by actually raising their hands. Zoom’s chat tool will enable visitors to interact directly with teachers and other participants, ensuring class order.


➤Imagine communicating with your employees via instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, as well as video or audio calls from the comfort of your computer/phone

Zoom vs. Skype – Difference and Comparsion

.➤ Practical and direct – that’s what Skype is all about. Your employees may already be familiar with it with such a broad user base, and Skype is designed with advanced technology to facilitate communication.

➤ Like Zoom, Skype’s exciting chat interface allows users to send instant messages to other users, and users can easily combine video with audio from their chat window. In short, Skype is an excellent platform for instant messaging, document sharing, screen sharing, and casual video or audio playing.

■ Planning and Pricing Levels 

➤ Skype Mate’s free video calling service is now popular among small teams and individuals. Skype for Business video conferencing solutions developed by Microsoft Teams is a rich and powerful platform better than Skype for most business users. Plans range from $5 to $12.50 to ₹12.50 per month for Microsoft Teams.

➤ Zoom has one free plan and three paid plans. The Zoom Pro plan costs $14.99 per license per month, comes with social media staging, 1GB of cloud recording per license, and allows for up to 100 subscribers per session.

➤ The Zoom Business plan costs 19.99 per license and is available to businesses that purchase at least ten licenses. With the Zoom Business plan, you can host 300 customers and receive registration transfers.

➤ The Zoom Enterprise plan is for organizations that hold 50 or more licenses. Each license costs $19.99 per month. Business plan users can host up to 500 participants per session and get unlimited cloud storage and registration scripts.

■ User- Friendliness

➤ Skype and Zoom offer a straightforward interface that makes it easy to organize and participate in meetings. When arranging a session on Skype and Zoom, the host provides a unique link to share with the session blockers. A platform does not require a software download to participate in the session. Skype and Zoom are intertwined for ease of use.

■ Customer Support 

➤ Provides customer support through Skype, the Skype Help Center, and the Skype Online Community. There is no mutual support for Skype sessions.

➤ Zoom support is available with all plans through the online help center, while Zoom Premium plans also have email tickets and access to live chat. Users of Zoom Business and Enterprise can get personal help over the phone.

➤ All Zoom Premium plans come with a great session extra purchase option, allowing you to increase the participant capacity up to 1,000. Zoom’s outstanding session feature fees start at $50 per month.

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